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DRC is based on a luxury car rental platform.
It is an integrated mobility platform that combines blockchain.

By integrating the existing mobility service areas into one Leading the smart blockchain economy.

Connect the world with intelligent platform for new mobility
blockchain service

This is our mission and vision


Eco System

Block Chain



Using Tokens issued by DRC Chain
You can receive services in all areas of mobility on the DWIIS (DRC World Integrated Information System) platform.


DRC platform is cloud and telematics
The information is managed by blockchain technology, and the system and data are verified and recorded with encryption algorithms by transmitting the telematics platform.


Users who have received the DRC Integrated Wallet Solution (DWS, DRC Wallet Solution) ID will be implemented with the mobility ecosystem linked payment system in the DRC payment system (D-PAY).
D-PAY is a blockchain-based hybrid virtual asset Payment system.

DRC Business

  • Car sharing platform

    (vehicle sharing service)

  • Vehicle maintenance platform

    (honest service)

  • Rent Car platform

    (Payment discount service)

  • Vehicle advertising platform

    (Reward Service)

  • Electric vehicle charging platform

    (Real-time charging information service)

  • Car wash platform

    (Convenient door-to-door service)

  • Proxy driving platform

    (Safe operation service)

  • Unmanned Passenger Platform

    (Bing Data Service)

DRC Chain connects various mobility service areas into one ecosystem.


The luxury car rental platform RENTDREAM provided by DRC It is serviced by Web&Mobile.
You can receive mobility integration services.

Android-based Google Play Store, It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

  • Mobility service
  • Integrated platform
    data upload
  • Database
  • Distributed data
    dstore upload
  • DRC CHAIN hash
    ddata upload

Machining using the DRC network is performed quickly and safely with the above process.
For reliable verification, processed mobility platform data is stored in duplicate,
It is highly secure because it uses strong cryptographic technology.


No forgery

Quality service

Infinite incentives

Trusted data

  • No forgery

    Due to the nature of the blockchain, uploaded data cannot be forged or altered..

  • Quality service

    You can receive selected mobility integration services within the ecosystem.

  • Infinite incentives

    Various incentives are provided to participants to induce participation in the ecosystem.

  • Trusted data

    Double encryption by transparently disclosing the verified data generated through the platform.

DRC Chain Token Economy

In the DRC chain ecosystem, various users It creates a virtuous cycle of tokens through interaction.


  • 2022

  • Q1

    OBD2 Protocol Data Collection (blockchain-based of operation record DB construction and portal, commercial vehicle brand, insurance company service provision

  • Q3

    'RENTDREAM' App Ver 2.1 released.

  • Q4

    Unmanned Passenger Transportation Service Plan (Drone)

  • 2021

  • Q1

    Launched DRC Fund portfolio (automobile advertisement, supercar & old car direct import, rental car cloud funding, used car resale, etc.)

  • Q2

    DRC wallet construction (D-pay)
    DRC Token & Point establishment

  • Q3

    Scheduled to be listed on a big Korean exchange

  • Q4

    'RENTDREAM' App 2.0 Ver. Release

  • 2020

  • Q2

    DRC Token Offering complete

  • Q4

    Listed on ProBit Korea
    Listed on Coinone

  • 2019

  • Q1

    ‘E-LUXURYCAR’ Car sharing Platform launch

  • Q2

    'NEEDSCAR' Brand launch

  • Q4

    'RENTDREAM' APP 1.9 Ver. Release

  • 2018

  • Q2

    ‘RENTDREAM’ app Service Beta Open

  • Q3

    About 30 car rental corporations in Korea (3000 cars) MOU conclusion

  • Q4

    'RENTDREAM' APP 1.8 Ver. Release

  • 2017

  • Q1

    DRC & 'H-RENTCAR‘ Partnership conclusion

  • Q2

    DRC & 'RENTDREAM' Partnership conclusion

  • Q4

    DRC & 'Winners&Partners' Partnership conclusion

Token Distribution

Issuance Circulation(10%)
1,000,000,000 DRC 100,000,000 DRC
Token sale Foundation Team Advisor Partner Marketing Reward R&D Eco system
10% 15% 5% 10% 10% 15% 10% 15% 10%
Token sale10% Foundation15%
Team5% Advisor10%
Partner10% Marketing15%
Reward10% R&D15%
Eco system 10%



  • Tiger Han


    CEO at H-Rent Car
    Vice President at KXO

  • Alex Sung


    Vice President at Winners & Parters
    Director at Winners-Rent Car

  • Alex Cho


    CEO at Rent-Dream
    Team manager at GMS Korea

  • Jason Kim


    Athletico LLC(IT)
    University of illinois

  • Steve Baik


    KPMG Korea
    M.S Columbia University

  • John Lee


    CTO at Rent-Dream
    Chief Manager, Business Planning Department at DACOM

  • James LEE


    CEO at the A-Company
    Seoul National University

  • William Hwang


    ph. D. in Public Administration, Florida State University B.S, M.a.
    State University of New York

  • Oliver Jeong


    CEO at Armorall
    B.A. Michigan State University

  • Jesus Lim


    Research Institute Director at Rentdream
    Ajou Motor College


  • Myungbo Kim

    Myeongcheon Law Firm, Partner Attorney
    Sungkyunkwan University Criminal Law Ph.
    Chung-Ang University Department of Law

  • Younghyun Kim

    Representative Accountant at Creative-Partners
    Department of Tax & Audit at KPMG Korea
    B.S. in Accounting,, Kyungpook National University

  • Seungjjae Baek

    CEO at SJRND
    MBA, Seoul National University
    B.A. Purdue University

  • Seongjun Chae

    CEO at Shinpyeong Engineering Co.,Ltd. Architects Office
    Harvard University Urban Design
    Illinois institute of Technology Architecture

  • Jinho Lee

    CEO of Severn Co., Ltd.
    Director, Planning Office, Phicom
    Michigan State University

  • Eunho Lee

    Advisor, Winners & Partners
    Yonsei University Business School MBA



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